Karaoke has long been popular in bars and restaurants. Now we’re able to bring this exciting entertainment to the net in live performances, where everyone Sees and Hears the Video Performances, called Videokes. Videokes can be performed live or they can be pre-recorded. We provide the software Free to NETCAST it to the internet. The NETCAST requires a microphone and webcam. We do not supply the music. Set up in a restaurant, store, office, your home or wherever and lets have Fun!

The equipment to eliminate the vocals from CD’s varies in cost and performance characteristics. We do not recommend any particular equipment. There are many CD’s available with the vocals already cancelled and there are many inexpensive players in which you can sing and record to the music. Some equipment is better than others in eliminating the vocals. Click Here to learn more about Backing Tracks or see Backing Track Catalogs (Below).

We’ve listed three internet dealers who specialize in this equipment:

Ace Click Here
Musicians Click Here Click Here

Here are a couple of Backing Track Sites - Backing Track Catalog and Make-Your-Own-Karaoke. Try out the Free Karaoke music Click Here and produce your own Videoke!

To assist you in setting up your NETCAST, see the How to Use Section on

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