Cyber Band

If you play an instrument, you can form or join a "Cyber Band." We provide free programs so musicians and vocalists can gig Live together on the Net. Cyber Bands can post their performances on this site. Performances can also be Netcasted Live and seen by thousands of fans.

Cyber Band
Here's How Musicians can Play Together from Remote Locations

Let's say you're an experienced guitaritst who sings and plays Rock and you want other musicians to join your band. You would post a message on the LiveVideoGigs Message Board for Musicians Wanted - Drummer, etx. Based upon your needs and the abilities of the Musicians, you can choose the ones that suit your style.

The Band Leader can listen to each musician separately using our Live Video Connector program, so the Band Leader can decide which musical instrument players they want to use. The Band Leader and Band Members can use our Live Video Meeting or Live Video Connector to See and Talk together Live for strategy and communication. After selectiong the members of the band, the leader will then setup a schedule for practice using our Live Video Meeting program. The Live video Meeting program operates on our newly developed browser or mobile platforms and requires no download to use. All of the band members can play, see and hear each other. When the band feels that are ready to play live, or record the music, it's a simple click of a button. The band leader can record the music and publish it on the Band/Performer Profile on this site or their website, so fans and music lovers can hear it. The Band Leader or any member can Netcast the performance Live using our NetVisionTV program while the band is playing.

You can send out invitations and publish the netcast date on your website, your Band/Performer Profile, emails, etc., so fans can watch your live performance.

Band members can remotely play from anywhere because the performance is conducted over the internet. The Live Video Connector, Live Video Meeting and NetVisionTV programs are offered FREE to use.

To see how easy it is to setup you Cyber Band and start Netcasting Live-