About Live Video Gigs

Millions of people are now able to see new bands, vocalists and others perform Live on the Net as a result of Live Video Gigs. The Video program displays digital TV quality. Viewers are able to See and Interact Live.

Ever Wanted to Play Live Before Large Audiences?

This is the place. You can netcast your performance live from your next gig or even from your garage. Using one of our Free Live Video programs, just point your camera and start playing. You can schedule a convenient time so your fans will know the date and time of your next live Gig. Fans can send you messages and connect to you live.

It’s easy to use and who knows, you might just be the next BIG Talent discovered over the internet.

Live Remote Gigs

When viewers See a Live Video Gigs performance, they could be viewing a Gig that is netcasted from a central site location where all performers are together in person OR the performers may be in separate remote locations in which each performer simultaneously performs (plays) with other remote located performers.

The performance is netcasted and directed by the host (band leader/organizer). The live performance is coordinated and sounds like all performers are physically together.

Viewers can See and Hear the performance on their Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops and Smart TV.

Gig Hosts and Organizers can show their netcasts from their website and social media sites too, so thousands of viewers can now See Your Live Video Gigs!

Performances can be publicly or privately netcasted.